Welcome to UnDoing Yoga;

the educational branch of NSYFC

UnDoing Yoga offers outside of the box workshops and unique continuing education courses which break down the barriers of the typical approach to yoga. 

Created by Jenelle Leat - the owner of NSYFC, UnDoing Yoga encourages both yoga students and teachers to evolve the practice of yoga to optimise its longevity and therapeutic benefits. 



Whether we realise it or not, the typical approach to a yoga practice is centred around doing things the ‘right’ way and fitting into a certain methodology.

Isn’t the very notion of having to ‘fit in’ and do things the ‘right’ way contradictory to the aim of a yoga practice? Doesn’t it leave very little room for us as individuals to figure out and execute what’s right for us?

UnDoing Yoga recognises that this approach is counterproductive to the intentions many people have for self-acceptance & exploration and sees a necessity for an alternative way of doing things. 


UnDoing Yoga is the journey of unpacking our conditioning surrounding what we think yoga ‘should’ be.



"With over 15 years experience of teaching and practicing various styles, I can tell you that MOST yoga practices are performance based practices. A performance based approach demands that the yoga practitioner ‘fit in’ to a certain way of doing things in order to be considered successful in that style. Although this approach can feel powerful as we contort and push ourselves beyond our limits, it is ironically DISEMPOWERING as it forces us into one way of doing things! For many years this was how I taught and practiced. Eventually, through things like injury, lack of interest in yoga and MANY unanswered questions I began to seek another way to approach my practice. One of the most challenging shifts for me during this time of transitioning from a performance based practice to one of autonomy and empowerment was letting go of the limiting set of beliefs I carried about what defines a yoga practice. I have come to realise that at the end of the day, a yoga practice is defined by YOU! This empowered approach has led me to want to help people reclaim ownership of their yoga practice and I cannot wait to see you step into your power!"

A Return To Empowerment

50-hour workshop series

~ALL yoga enthusiasts welcome

~March 19-20, June 4-5, Sept. 3-4, Dec. 10-11


In a typical yoga class we often give away our power to the yoga teacher without even realising it. Instead of our practice becoming autonomous, it becomes about 'fitting in' to a particular way of doing things. As a result, we end up disconnecting from ourselves AND missing out on A LOT of the amazing transformative capabilities yoga has to offer us.  

What if you could learn a unique way of approaching your yoga practice that enables you to take back your power and become a master of your own experience?


This year long course is all about empowering you every time you step on your mat to do yoga in a way that is RIGHT for you. You will establish a deeper connection to yourself by creating a yoga practice that is attuned with you as an individual, therefore optimising the incredible benefits your yoga practice has to offer you.

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Each workshop will focus on four key elements;

Intention ~ Invitation ~ Investigation ~ Longevity


These elements will help you to acquire the tools to confidently practice any yoga class in a way that is suitable to YOUR needs.

The exploration of these elements will challenge the common methodology we see being offered in yoga classes today, but are instrumental in reclaiming your yoga experience.

The significance of these elements are unfortunately overlooked or never even considered at all, which discourages the progression of your journey towards conscious connection.


Let's take a deeper look at these elements and how they will be applied in this course.

At the end of the day, your practice is for YOU right? You aren’t practicing to appease the teacher or to impress your friends. The most foundational aspect to building an empowered yoga practice, is identifying what you are looking to gain from your time and energy spent doing yoga. There is no right or wrong way, as right and wrong only exist within the context of what YOU want to achieve.



In this workshop series, you will begin to connect the dots between your intentions and your actions, as a result steering yourself towards doing yoga in a way that is right for you. If your intention is to perform a 10 second freestanding handstand and will do anything to achieve that, your practice is going to look different than if your aim is to spend time doing yoga for the purposes of improving your mental health.



Having a destination in mind is key to being able to get to where you want to go. Plus, there is a level of integrity that resonates with a deeper part of us when we consciously align intentions and actions.


Most yoga poses are NOT designed for our modern bodies! Because of this, we end up going one of two ways; forcing ourselves into contorted positions (think square peg into a round hole situation) OR else we just completely disregard the pose all together and conclude that it doesn't work for us.



In this workshop series, you will explore various preparatory methods to learn how to invite the body into a pose without force. Not only does this approach generate a natural opening more aligned with your abilities but it incorporates an incredibly beneficial strengthening aspect as well! You will develop tools to assist you in finding alternatives to poses that aren’t easily accessible in your body, meaning you’ll feel successful and empowered no matter what pose the teacher is instructing.



Think of yoga as an awesome party to which you need an invitation for. If you don’t give your body the invitation by incorporating various encouraging methods, you’ll miss out on all of the amazing benefits that the yoga party has to offer you!

Yoga asana ain’t no walk in the park. There are both risks and benefits contained in every single pose that we approach. The reality is, that some poses might not be beneficial for you to practice in the way they are being taught. In order to take ownership of your yoga practice, it’s imperative that we explore this aspect.



Throughout the series, we will dive deep into dissecting a variety of poses to be able to better understand the prospect of injury. You will be equipped with the knowledge you need to make informed choices depending on how your body and mind feel each time you step on your mat. As a result, your practice becomes intuitive and totally autonomous.



Stepping outside the standardised way of doing yoga is just like a kid on a new playground! There is so much VARIETY for us to explore, be curious about and learn! Remember, knowledge is power and that’s what this entire series is about; empowering YOU.


The reality of yoga in our modern society is that many styles are taught in a manner which provides potential short-term gains instead of long term results. This approach doesn't generate a sustainable practice nor does it empower you to stick around to deepen your connection to yoga year after year.



This series will focus on the longevity of certain poses/styles and how they might encourage or discourage the development of a nourishing and viable practice over the long run. When you can gain an understanding of how to approach your practice with longevity in mind, you inherently tap into the holistic benefits contained within yoga.



Think of your practice like a beautiful tree that takes time to bear fruit. It needs attention, time, energy, insight and love to grow. trials This practice never ceases to show up and give us what we need, we just have to keep it alive so it can do its job.

Each element plays a vital part in your journey towards recognising and letting go of anything that doesn't serve you in your practice.

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If you’re ready to empower yourself and transform your practice, join me for this unique journey. 


investing in your power

~lunch for all 8 days will be supplied by The Real Grocer


This truly is a one-of-a-kind journey that is catered to YOU as the unique individual that you are, therefore limited spots are available. All Saturday workshops will be from 9:30am to 5pm and all Sunday workshops will be from 9am to 3:30pm. A typical workshop day will include discussion, theory, demonstration, practical application and a yoga class.

(for nsyfc members only)
available until February 18th

(for non nsyfc members)
available until February 18th

(full price)
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scholarship opportunity

UnDoing Yoga will be offering up a scholarship towards this course in support of one individual who is passionate about really stepping into their power, yet might not have the necessary financial resources to participate. Details around applying for the Scholarship will be released in the coming weeks. Be sure to register your details with us to receive all the relevant info about this opportunity.