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$65 first month of unlimited classes*

*offer available to new students only 

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breakdown: $30/week

new students receive first month at HALF price ($65)

Your personal progression towards your envisaged health goals has little to do with your natural abilities, and instead is determined by your personal willingness to just simply show up and try.  Frequency and dedication are key to moving through obstacles. This membership provides you the opportunity to practice often enough to create sustainable transformation by giving you unlimited access to as many classes on our timetable as you'd like. This self-governed membership will automatically renew every month and can be terminated at your leisure. NSYFC is hands off in this straight forward process so all you need to do is follow the necessary steps for termination if needed! We don't believe in lock-in contracts, joining fees or termination fees so there is a great sense of ease with this option to be able to get in or out when needed. This membership is always billed one month in advance.

PERKS of this membership include:

  • Unlimited access to our online library

  • 50% off Feature Classes

  • Discounts on selected workshops

  • 4 weeks fee-free suspension time

  • 3 double kickback Perk Passes* (give a buddy $10 off of their Intro Month AND in return you get a $10 credit put onto your account!)

*For NEW students only



$110/5 classes

breakdown: $22/class

This 5 class pass is great for an infrequent practice and can be shared between 2 people. It is set to automatically renew when the 5 classes are used up OR every 3 months, whichever comes first. Termination of this membership can be done at your convenience, with just a few simple steps.

PERKS of this membership include:

  • 50% off Feature Classes

  • 2 buddy passes (give a buddy $10 off their Intro Month!)


in-house options

Visitors pass


Enjoy up to 2 weeks worth of unlimited classes. This pass also includes mat, towel and yoga prop rentals should you need them. 

24 hour drop in


Drop-in with us for as many classes as you'd like within a 24-hour period

nsyfc online


At present, we are rebuilding our VIRTUAL library which currently hosts over 100 videos of various styles and sequences with our instructors with more being regularly added. These videos cover a diverse range of offerings in both full length classes and short mini sessions catering to specific body parts, focused themes, developing skills and enhancing movement intelligence. Presently available to those with a Monthly Unlimited membership, this platform will soon be available as an add-on feature for other NSYFC members and as a stand alone feature for non-members. Stay posted for all the details!


virtual options

Gift Certificates

Aren't you kind to give the gift of health!

Our gift cards can be used for all products and services in the centre such as classes, private yoga lessons, holistic personal training, Acupuncture and childminding.


To make this purchase, just clink the link below, go to 'Online Store' and then select 'Gift Cards'. Choose the amount that you would like to give and personalise the gift by following the steps laid out.  


If you are finding you have unanswered questions about your yoga practice, things have started to plateau or you keep coming up against the same ache or pain, a private yoga lesson would be just the thing you need. As a general rule, we highly recommend doing between 1 and 5 private yoga lessons per every year of practice. This is such a great way to enhance your understanding of the technical aspects of postures, work on breathing techniques and address anything else that might be coming up for you as your body shifts and transforms with your practice. The quality of your movement and approach is an integral part of the therapy you receive from your yoga practice and can make a huge difference in either propelling you forward or trying to determine what's holding you back. All private yoga lessons can be booked with Jenelle for a 60 minute time frame. For private lessons with some of our other instructors please contact us.


1 or 2 Private Yoga Lessons $120 each

3+ Private Yoga Lessons $100 each

If you are interested in doing a special group class for your employees, friends/family, hens party, sports team etc. we can accommodate you both at the centre and alternative locations. Get in touch today to start planning your customized private group session!

To book a time that's suitable for you, please email