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At NSYFC, we strongly believe that a variety of healing modalities are required to allow the body to operate at its highest potential. That is why we have chosen to include natural therapies such as Nutrition and Massage. 


Meet our incredible practitioners; Lynsey Koch and Jeanette Oliver.  These two women (who also happen to be Mother and daughter) offer services that are in total alignment with some of the most common ailments out there today; stress and poor digestion. These ladies are dedicated to finding ways to help your body thrive by getting to the source of the problem rather than providing a bandaid to temporarily cover up the symptoms. 

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Lynsey Koch - BSc. Env. Sci/Nutr Grad. Dip Edu


I originally come from Hawaii and have been a Holistic Nutritionist on the Sunshine Coast for over 12 years. I live and breathe all things nutrition, health and sustainable living and am passionate about educating people so they can heal themselves naturally. I specialise in:


  • Genetic testing

  • Gastrointestinal disorders

  • Neurotransmitter balancing

  • Children’s immunity

  • Women’s health.


My passion for nutritional therapy came from a personal experience at 18, where recovery after a critical accident was accelerated through whole food nutrition. From this point forward I knew I had to pay it forward and has made Nutritional Therapy my life’s purpose ever since.

massage & body work

Jeanette Oliver


As a therapist in the healing arts, I believe in client centered treatments and together we create a healing synergy to achieve optimal results. The aim is to provide specific techniques that treat the cause of the issues, not just the symptoms. Whether seeking a remedial treatment or needing to de-stress, you'll experience a personalized treatment designed to restore harmony and balance in your mind, body and spirit.

The therapies I use are based on:


  • Intuitive Swedish

  • Hot Stone Therapy

  • Remedial

  • Hawaiian Lomilomi

  • Pregnancy

  • Modified Thai Massage


These therapies are often supported with essential oils. Energy therapies of Reiki, Hawaiian breathe work and Advanced Theta Healing are also available.  I am also a trained meditation and mindfulness teacher, which sometimes we blend this to form deeper relaxation using these principles.