We are a diverse and empowered kick-ass community dedicated to evolving our health and well-being through the practice of yoga.


July 18-24

They say that sharing is caring. Well, we care so much about helping you elevate your health through the practice of yoga that we are going to be hosting a whole week of FREE classes for you to attend!



These classes are for anyone who wants to get a feel for what a life-changing yoga practice is all about. Whether you are a total newbie or have done a few thousand downward dogs in your time we will use our expert guidance to help you START and SUSTAIN an incredibly transformational yoga practice. 



We have various styles that will accommodate various needs. Are you needing to destress, gain flexibility, develop strength, calm your mind, regulate your emotions, reconnect back to your true self? 


A life-changing yoga practice starts with identifying your own personal 'why'. Take a look at our classes below for more information to find out which class is right for you. 


100% YES! We don't want anyone to miss out, so make sure you pre-book yourself into any classes you'd like to attend during the week to secure your spot. We have an amazing line-up of teachers and classes planned for you, so go ahead and scroll down to our timetable section to book in. 


We are going to be offering some SUPER deals on memberships and discounts on select Indigo Luna clothing. We've also got a few sweet prizes up for grabs from other awesome local businesses such as Artea, The Real Grocer, our in-house natural therapists, C-Biogenics and many more!

Here is how to best prepare for your class:
- Bring a yoga mat (or borrow one of ours), towel and water bottle
- Wear comfortable clothing you can move in
- Show up 15 minutes early
- Bring your happy, smiling face :)


Sampling our classes is the best way to find out what works for you!

Click here for more information on each style

The Formula*

Our signature yoga style, ‘The Formula’, immediately helps you develop methods for a more effective stretch that involves less stress, strain and force while building up a sustainable practice over the long-run.


The flowing practice of ‘Vinyasa’ yoga immediately brings you out of stagnation and into a gradual sense of ‘movement freedom’, therefore therapeutically reconnecting you with your ability to create child-like fluidity once again.

Gentle Vinyasa

'Gentle Vinyasa’ yoga provides a slow, flow of movements and postures which immediately helps you to feel confident in your abilities. In the long-run you’ll notice significant improvements in your potential to move more dynamically with pace while maintaining proper technique. 

Move & Restore

The practice of ‘Move & Restore,’ acknowledges that different people require different approaches for moving the body and focusing the mind. This style is accessible to many, as it’s not overly taxing on the body. It supports the nervous system by taking things slow and paying attention to what’s happening in the body.


With the slow practice of ‘Yin’ yoga you’ll immediately experience an inward shift of self-reflection and a deep release through the muscles to gradually bring balance back into your busy life.


Practicing our ‘MinYin’ yoga class gives you an immediate sense of relaxation and softening while you continuously develop the tools to consciously unwind yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.

Strength Foundations

This all-levels class will focus more on the ‘fitness’ side of yoga by incorporating some props/equipment, low weights and body weight. You can easily modify the level of intensity by going at your own pace and exploring alternative options.

Full-Body Fit

This low-impact fitness class delivers a full body sculpt and enhances your personal capacity for strength and endurance; in turn increasing your overall health. You’ll instantly notice uplifted mood and energy levels while steadily gaining muscle tone, functionality and elevated cardiovascular health. 

And Meditate

By practicing meditation, you will feel more centred, grounded and focused amongst the mental and emotional fluctuations you experience as part of your everyday life. Through your efforts, your ability to just sit and be with yourself begins to counterbalance the negative effects that come with an excessively stimulating lifestyle.

*Every Monday during the months of June, July and August, this class will be gently heated, helping you to:

- increase malleability of muscles

- strengthen the cardiovascular system

- support natural detoxification  

- improve circulation

Please contact us if you need help figuring out which classes are right for you.


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