wild reflections

Saturday November 30th 6-7pm

Reflect on the past.
Get lost in the present.
Set intentions for the future.
And have a damn good time doing it ALL!

New Standard Yoga and Fitness is turning ONE and we want you to celebrate with us! Join owner Jenelle Leat, DJ Sankhara Mark Pringle and Emma Hudson from 'The Sacred' as they take you through an evening of celebratory expressions.

For this event we will be offering a cacao ceremony, guided meditation and a 'let loose and get wild' good old fashioned dance party!

DANCE your pants off:
Are you wanting to dance & let loose but tired of the alcohol fuelled club scene? Are you craving to get down and dirty to some 50 Cent and Beyoncé? Wanna rock out to some old school Nirvana or Green Day? Are you keen to sing along to Queen and Michael Jackson? Or do you just desire to dance to some banging electronic tunes?

The problem with so many dance scenes today is that we are lead to feel that we cannot move our bodies in a fun and expressive way without being fuelled by drugs or alcohol. This creates a disconnect from our innate birthright; to MOVE with freedom and expression. It also feeds into the disempowering idea that we should actually give a shit about other people's judgements of us.

DJ Sankhara Mark Pringle has founded a style of 'Conscious Clubbing' as he grew tired of the bar and club scene. But, with his love for so many different types of music, he still wanted to find a way that he could get down to fun, groovy Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and Electronic tunes with his fellow beings.

"My vision is to create a regular dance event where I take us all on a journey with different types of music, an event to come dance, play, connect, sweat, sing, laugh, cry, scream and just have some darn tootin’ good fun!"

Over the last 10 years, Mark has developed a skill for creating musical journeys that consist of an infusion of many different genres and styles, borrowing heavy influence from Hip Hop and Funk but always maintaining a strong flow with smooth transitions. Be sure to check out his mixes and creations by following the link -->

CACAO Ceremony and Meditation:
Sit with Emma Hudson from 'The Sacred' in a Ceremonial Cacao circle plus meditation. Emma uses Cacao as a beautiful tool to access creativity, release anything stored in your heart, feel into ease, flow, courage and gratitude.

"The difference between Ceremonial Cacao and just Cacao you purchase at the health food store is that the whole plant is used, not separated into what we know as Cacao butter and powder. The Mayans where drinking whole-bean native cacao, not the cacao that is genetically modified and used for our chocolate today. The Cacao I source comes straight from the farmers in Peru, is planted, grown and harvested with intention and 100% of the proceeds go back to the farmers. The beans are ground into a fine paste and this paste forms the base of the heart warming drink."

When experiencing a cacao ceremony, a combination of any and all sensations are expected and you might even notice these effects rippling out through your night, the next day or even the week to follow. Cacao is for everyone, a gentle heart opening and activating plant medicine that can transform your life with grace and love. This is an inclusive space that will set the tone for our evening of dance, movement and celebration.

"When sitting with Ceremonial Cacao in circle we can experience the vibration through our entire bodies as we sip the delicious hot drink in silence. We dive into a deep meditation and because we have drunk the gorgeous medicine it makes it easier to really be open to receive."

Find out more about Emma, her guidance and 'The Sacred'

We look forward to sharing this evening with you.

*Bring a pillow/cushion, yoga mat, water, comfortable clothing and comfortable shoes - this event will take place outside at the back of our building in the parking lot
*This is a drug and alcohol free event
*EARLY BIRD Price $35 (available until Nov. 17th)
*SALE Price $47 (available until Nov. 29th)
*REGULAR Price $60
*This event will begin promptly at 6pm, so please be on time.


Saturday November 30th 7-8am


Open house - flash sale

Saturday November 30th 8:30am-12:30pm

With this event we aim to spread the healing benefits of a yoga practice to AS many individuals as possible!

Come and experience the energy of people aligning together in health and wellness without the restriction of any price to participate. If you're into community vibes and the joining together of people in a fun positive environment, then make sure you join us on November 30th! You'll move, stretch, breathe, laugh, sweat and enjoy yourself with people of all ages and backgrounds as we come together to participate in the Sunshine Coast's Biggest FREE Outdoor Yoga Class.

It's our ONE year anniversary, and this class is part of our celebration! This is an all-levels, all-ages session which is held annually to help celebrate the therapeutic benefits of a yoga practice. We want to give back to the greater community of the Sunshine Coast by offering this class to a wide variety of people to spread the practice of yoga that has positively changed the lives of so many!

This class will be lead by owner, Jenelle Leat - who has over 12 years of teaching experience - and will feature accessible postures and movements in a supportive environment. We would love to have both new and seasoned yoga practitioners join in to create a memorable experience for all.

Many local businesses have joined in to show their support for this event by donating prizes and goodies that will be randomly handed out during the class:

Go For Zero
The Real Grocer
The Sacred
Honouring Us
One Block Back
Shambhala Farm
Protein Supplies Australia
Maple & Sage
Seed & Sprout Nutrition

Sisters of the Moon Co.

This day will also feature an 'Open House' from 8:30am to 12:30pm where we will be featuring discounts on classes and memberships. Come in for a tour, get a feel for what we are all about, get your yoga questions answered and snag yourself a great deal too.

In order to best prepare for this class taking place in the parking lot at New Standard Yoga & Fitness Centre, please be sure to bring your own yoga mat and some water to stay hydrated.

Let us know you're coming by confirming your attendance and help us spread the yoga love and share this event with your friends and family.

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