Join us monthly for a special feature yoga/movement class followed by a community social gathering.

Members Price $5

Non-Members Price $15

A Date with the Dark;

Doom Yoga & Halloween After Party

Saturday October 30th 6pm

"As humans, we all have polarities or opposite forces within us, with the most obvious being left and right hemispheres of the brain, masculine and feminine, and positive and negative charges."

Often times we equate our dark side or shadow self to the negative, which can be emotions, aspects of our personality that we hide away, or create a mask to wear in order to feel accepted by society.

It’s time to shine a light on your inner darkness to move away from division and re-integrate all these different aspects that make up our whole self, allowing both dark and light, positive and negative to be a perfect part of who we are.

"You may just discover that the darkness isn’t so dark after all, but rather the key to a much more balanced, full and connected way of living."

Doom Yoga is a creative Vinyasa-style class, practiced to a soundtrack of dark, atmospheric and emotive music, inspiring you to play with your shadow side. Join us for our Halloween party afterwards...maybe there’s a costume or outfit that expresses your shadow self that you want to rock out!


Continue exploring the dark side with the Spooky Cocktail After Party hosted by ARTEA The Tea Merchant. Witness the mysterious & creative world of Tea Cocktails with Mad Tea Blender Monica. Step into her magical lab of alchemy & watch her concoct her Award-Winning Tea Cocktails and
drink them if you dare!

Each After Party $20 ticket includes two standard drinks (cocktail or mocktail) plus our special Halloween small bites.

halloween party _11.png

Stay posted for all the details of our 2022 Feature Classes to be announced soon!

The Space in Between; Yin and Live Music

Friday December 3rd 6-8pm

$35 per person OR $40 on the day

Immerse yourself in the harmonious combination of
Yin Yoga and Live Music. During this 2 hour practice,
Christine will guide you through an inward journey
using slow, supported, deep release postures to let go of
physical tension and welcome space to be created within.

Adding to this incredibly relaxing experience, Adam will
create a rich, ambient soundscape with soothing sounds
of the Native American flute, gongs, crystal singing bowls
and other traditional instruments.


kids term yoga

This term yoga class, offered through Calmer Kids, offers a fun and interactive class that is dedicated to empower and educate children with knowledge and skills they can apply in real life. 

Kids Term Yoga (ages 5-12)

upcoming dates TBA

As well as fun, dynamic movement and games, all classes will provide calming strategies to help children centre and connect to themselves and the world around them.

A typical class will include:

- Yoga (movement)

- Fun games/Partner work

- Breathing techniques

- Mindfulness activities

- Calming and Relaxation Strategies

Some of the areas you can expect your child to explore: 

- Emotional awareness and self-regulation

- Stress management and techniques to decrease anxiety

- Concentration and focus

- Connection, communication and socialization

- Self-confidence and positive self image

Choose from either an 8-week period ($128) or a 4-week period ($72) depending on what suits your child best.