Kids Term Yoga (ages 5-12)

Thursdays 3:30 to 4:15pm commencing April 29th

Join Kelly, on behalf of Calmer Kids, as she leads your little one(s) through a yoga class designed specifically for kids and teens. Calmer Kids pride themselves on offering fun and interactive classes that are dedicated to empower and educate children with knowledge and skills they can apply in real life. 


As well as fun, dynamic movement and games, all classes will provide calming strategies to help children centre and connect to themselves and the world around them.

A typical class will include:

- Yoga (movement)

- Fun games/Partner work

- Breathing techniques

- Mindfulness activities

- Calming and Relaxation Strategies

Some of the areas you can expect your child to explore: 

- Emotional awareness and self-regulation

- Stress management and techniques to decrease anxiety

- Concentration and focus

- Connection, communication and socialization

- Self-confidence and positive self image

Choose from either an 8-week period ($128) or a 4-week period ($72) depending on what suits your child best.


Join us monthly for a special feature yoga/movement class followed by a potluck style community gathering. This class starts at 6pm on the dates listed below, and will replace our regular scheduled session, 'Gentle Vinyasa'. Bookings are essential.

Members Price $5

Non-Members Price $15

VinYin - 'Flow into Stillness'

Friday April 30th with Baillie Dick

Our lives are a constant polarity between yang and yin. Yang is the masculine, working, striving energy while yin is the feminine, softness and surrendering energy. The mixing of these two opposing but complimentary energies makes life possible.

This practice will connect us to the yang and yin energies of our yoga practice and daily life. From a space of understanding we can find a balance. When life-force energy is appropriately balanced, it flows smoothly, maintaining and promoting a state of health.

This 75 minute yoga practice will begin with the yang style practice of vinyasa - a dynamic flow aligning movement with breath and in doing so creating heat and strength to open up the body. We will cultivate a state of deep presence from this initial moving meditation and then slow it right down and soak into some deep and juicy yin holds. Our yin practice sees us holding poses for roughly 4 minutes. This time allows our yin (deeper) tissues to be accessed and takes us on an opposing practice to our yang style, as we receive the benefits in the surrendering to the poses and in some cases to the discomfort too. 

This practice is suitable for anyone looking to explore these yang and yin elements of your yoga practice.

Roll & Release - 'Full Body Tune Up'

Friday June 18th with Becky Murray

This Roll and Release class is a great way for anyone experiencing tightness in their muscles or feelings of restriction in mobility to begin releasing tension within the body. There will be a large focus on connecting to the breath while massaging the muscles using release balls to a state of rest. Taking your body from a state of 'fight or flight' and arriving in the parasympathetic nervous system where we find a sense of calm and more susceptibility to let go.

Within the 90 minutes you will experience a journey of self-realisation, allowing a deeper bond to be built between body and mind. Using the self-myofascial release balls, we will gently move through releasing tension throughout the whole body spending a couple of minutes on each key area to target the muscles and connective layers of fascia.

This class is designed for all levels, you do not need any prior experience to attend and will be fully supported throughout the class by Becky to find ways in which to access areas of your own body. This will be a journey inwards to help connect not only to your deepest layers of tension but giving yourself time and space to sit with and show compassion to your more vulnerable self.

You will leave feeling a sense of deeper connection to what your body needs, most likely an immediate shift in how mobile your body feels and more awareness of how breath can help shift your mental and physical state.

upcoming Feature Classes

(more info tba)

Zenthai Flow - Water Element

August 13th with Christine McDaniel

Doom Yoga & Halloween Party

October 30th with Christine McDaniel

No Dimensions - Movement & Meditation

December 3rd with Kelly-Anne Sonner