Join us monthly for a special feature yoga/movement class followed by a potluck style community gathering. This class starts at 6pm on the dates listed below, and will replace our regular scheduled session, 'Gentle Vinyasa'. Bookings are essential.

Members Price $5

Non-Members Price $15

October 16th - Journey Inward

Yin by Candlelight (with Baillie Dick)

With our increasingly busy lives and the demands we place on ourselves we often feel depleted, scattered and simply burnt out. As we move into the more social time of year, we're often operating in fight or flight mode, just running off of adrenalin.

Taking a moment to really pause and get into a beautiful meditative state, encourages healing at the deepest level. We will shift the body into rest and digest mode and calm the nervous system. Setting aside this time for yourself will refill your cup.

This class begins with meditation gazing at candlelight, (traditionally called ‘Trataka’,) which begins the balancing of the nervous system as well as purifying the mind and aiding in alleviating depression and anxiety symptoms. We will move into juicy yet restoring yin holds releasing stagnation and tension that can build up from the busy lives we lead.


This all levels session will be held in a warm and nurturing space surrounded by candlelight. You will undoubtedly leave feeling held and nourished.

October 31st 7pm - A Date with the Dark*

Embrace Your Shadow Side (with Christine)

*Doom Yoga & Halloween Dress-Up Party

"As humans, we all have polarities or opposite forces within us, with the most obvious being left and right hemispheres of the brain, masculine and feminine, and positive and negative charges."

Often times we equate our dark side or shadow self to the negative, which can be emotions, aspects of our personality that we hide away, or create a mask to wear in order to feel accepted by society.

It’s time to shine a light on your inner darkness to move away from division and re-integrate all these different aspects that make up our whole self, allowing both dark and light, positive and negative to be a perfect part of who we are.

"You may just discover that the darkness isn’t so dark after all, but rather the key to a much more balanced, full and connected way of living."

Doom Yoga is a creative Vinyasa-style class, practiced to a soundtrack of dark, atmospheric and emotive music, inspiring you to play with your shadow side. Join us for our Halloween party afterwards...maybe there’s a costume or outfit that expresses your shadow self that you want to rock out!

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