Join us monthly for a special feature yoga/movement class followed by a potluck style community gathering. This class starts at 6pm on the dates listed below, and will replace our regular scheduled session, 'Gentle Vinyasa'. Bookings are essential.

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Zenthai Flow - 'Soften to Blossom'

Friday February 5th with Christine McDaniel

When you can begin to understand how the Elements work in nature, you can begin to understand how the Elements work within you. The Element of Fire allows us to ‘open our hearts,’ be active, alive and full of vitality. It gives us warmth and the capacity to love and be loved. It enables us to mature and blossom. When Heart Qi is healthy, we’re able to connect to our innate joy, inner peace, and able to build healthy relationships. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the Fire Element represents intuition, transformation and joy. The power of your fire element resides in your Heart and its partner organ, the Small Intestine.

It’s said that when the heart is happy, all the organs happy (functioning at their peak). The heart performs many energy functions that are vital to the health of your entire mind, body and spirit. “On a very deep level, it isn’t possible to have true health without a peaceful Heart.”

In this 75 min Zenthai Flow class, we will embody the qualities of the Fire Element to improve circulation, increase vitality, bring awareness to emotions and balance your heart’s energy as we tune into the summer season.

A Fire Element practice is one to nourish the energy of the Heart and encourage circulation of Qi and blood from the heart to all of the other internal organs. We will be stoking and harnessing our internal fire by focusing on the upper body; in particular, the arms, armpits, shoulders and wrists - as this is where the energy lines are located.

In this all-levels Vinyasa style class, you'll find yourself incorporating spiraling movements to unravel the fascia and tap into your body’s natural energy flow - the Qi Meridians of the body.⁣

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