Human Design PART 2; A Life By Design

- with Lindell Stewart

Saturday July 16th 2- 4pm

$30 Early Bird until July 2nd

$40 Regular

Because of societal conditioning, many of us are living a big part of our lives out of alignment with our energetic needs.


What if you had a map that could guide you towards living in a manner that is in sync with who you uniquely are? This is Human Design!


The truth is, that you were not put on this earth to be like someone else! Your conditioned programming has become an unruly weed suffocating your authentic self. It’s time to tend to your garden, cut back the layers, pull out the weeds & emerge as the powerful being you truly are. No more hiding. No more playing small. The world needs you in your brilliance.


This workshop is for anyone who:

  • Has already completed Part 1 of this workshop OR will be attending the June 30th Part 1 of this course ONLINE ($25)


  • Those who already have access to Lindell's Human Design hub or would like to get access ($199)

If you already have a base level understanding of your Human Design and have any questions about whether or not Part 2 is right for you, please contact Lindell directly. 


For more info on Human Design and Lindell Stewart click here!


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Flow n' Glow

(with Jenelle)

Friday August 19th 6pm

Members $10

Non-Members $20

Once Upon A Time, the club scene and a yoga class got together and had a baby. They named it Flow n' Glow. It was the perfect combination of both its parents; flowy, creative movements in the company of respectful people amongst a colourfully fluorescent backdrop and pumped up tunes!


Flow n' Glow also was able to avoid taking on such unbecoming characteristics of its creators; overly serious yoga poses done to boring music, and palming off overly intoxicated strangers coupled with the aftermath of too much drinking.

Everyone loved hanging out with Flow n' Glow because they could have FUN, let their worries melt away and just feel really damn good!

The End 


Join us as we GLOW, SHINE and have some good ol' fun with this black light, party-vibes Vinyasa yoga class!


For the most fun, wear as much white as you can and accessorise with anything that glows! We will kit you out with some of our own glowy paraphernalia (think glow sticks, glow paint, glow jewellery - anything that glows in the dark really).

You can expect to practice some of the familiar flows of a Vinyasa class while also exploring some new moves - think Animal Flow meets 80's Aerobics! All while listening to music that's sure to get you in the mood to let loose and get your yoga party on!

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Moving Meditation: The Flow of Love

(with Kelly)

Friday October 14th 6pm

Members $10

Non-Members $20

Experience the joy of both giving & receiving love in all forms & all areas of your life.


This Moving Meditation feature class is a journey through the reciprocation of love, made up of gentle, intentional & repetitive movements that correlate with the theme of giving & receiving of love. 


These movements will be taken in a circular motion, each beginning with your hands at your heart centre, representing the cycles & seasons in our relationships with ourselves, with others & the world around us.


Collectively synchronising these movements, as well as our breath will increase the potency of this practice, leaving you feeling a sense of union within your body, mind & soul, as well as a  harmony in your ability to both give & receive love in all forms & all areas of your life.

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A Date with the Dark;

Doom Yoga & Halloween After Party

Saturday October 29th 6pm


"As humans, we all have polarities or opposite forces within us, with the most obvious being left and right hemispheres of the brain, masculine and feminine, and positive and negative charges."

Often times we equate our dark side or shadow self to the negative, which can be emotions, aspects of our personality that we hide away, or create a mask to wear in order to feel accepted by society.

It’s time to shine a light on your inner darkness to move away from division and re-integrate all these different aspects that make up our whole self, allowing both dark and light, positive and negative to be a perfect part of who we are.

"You may just discover that the darkness isn’t so dark after all, but rather the key to a much more balanced, full and connected way of living."

Doom Yoga is a creative Vinyasa-style class, practiced to a soundtrack of dark, atmospheric and emotive music, inspiring you to play with your shadow side. Join us for our Halloween party afterwards...maybe there’s a costume or outfit that expresses your shadow self that you want to rock out!


Continue exploring the dark side with the Spooky Cocktail After Party hosted by ARTEA The Tea Merchant. Witness the mysterious & creative world of Tea Cocktails with Mad Tea Blender Monica. Step into her magical lab of alchemy & watch her concoct her Award-Winning Tea Cocktails and
drink them if you dare!

Each After Party $20 ticket includes two standard drinks (cocktail or mocktail) plus our special Halloween small bites.


A Return to Empowerment; Workshop Series

New Dates TBA

In a typical yoga class we often give away our power to the yoga teacher without even realising it. Instead of our practice becoming autonomous, it becomes about 'fitting in' to a particular way of doing things. As a result, we end up disconnecting from ourselves AND missing out on A LOT of the amazing transformative capabilities yoga has to offer us.  

What if you could learn a unique way of approaching your yoga practice that enables you to take back your power and become a master of your own experience?


This year long course is all about empowering you every time you step on your mat to do yoga in a way that is RIGHT for you. You will establish a deeper connection to yourself by creating a yoga practice that is attuned with you as an individual, therefore optimising the incredible benefits your yoga practice has to offer you.

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