Membership management

We are SORRY TO SEE YOU GO. We care about you and would like to help in any way we can and therefore might be calling to speak about your request over the phone.

To cancel your UNLIMITED MEMBERSHIP please complete the Cancellation Form




- To make the most of your membership, we recommend filling out this form the DAY BEFORE it gets billed, so take a look at when your next scheduled billing date is by logging into your Mindbody profile (not the app)

- Your cancellation date is scheduled exactly 7 days from the date you complete the Cancellation Form and you can continue to use your membership for the full 7 days

- After filling out this form, your account will be charged once before the cancellation is finalised

To cancel your RECURRING 5 CLASS PASS membership please follow the steps below:

Following steps 1-6 ensures that your membership won't auto-renew and any remaining classes will be available for use until their expiry date.

Once you have understood the above, please follow these steps:

1. Log into your Mindbody account HERE

2. Click on the MY INFO tab

3. Click on the ACCOUNT tab

4. Scroll to the 'Autopays' section
5. Locate the most recent transaction for your 'Recurring 5 Class Pass'
6. Click 'Terminate' on the most recent transaction*

*If you see two recent transactions for your 'Recurring 5 Class Pass' with the exact same date, you will need to click terminate on the SECOND transaction. Clicking on the first transaction in this instance will immediately terminate any unused classes making them no longer available for use.