At NSYFC, we strongly believe that a variety of healing modalities are required to allow the body to operate at it's highest potential. That is why we have chosen to include in-house acupuncture appointments as a part of what we offer. 


Meet our incredible practitioner; Sally Taylor. She has completed a double Bachelor degree in Human Biology and Traditional Chinese Medicine and is fully accredited for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. 

"I am is passionate about natural health and believe that living by example is the best way to understand true health and wellness. Originally a Brisbane girl, I moved down to Melbourne to follow my desire of studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and ended my degree with a 4 month internship in the Jiangsu Provincial Hospital in Nanjing, China.


I work intuitively with my patients and their lifestyles to create realistic health goals and comprehensive treatment plans that include a variety of meditative practises, breathing exercises, nutrition and Yogic and Chinese philosophies to create individualised treatments for each patient as no person or condition is the same.

By educating and empowering my patients, I help them gain more self awareness and connection with their bodies, minds and spirit, so they can play an active role in their journey to better health and wellness.


Last year, I took some time off to travel to Peru, India and Nepal to continue learning about health and other traditional medicines. Whilst travelling I participated in two different Yoga Teacher Training Courses and a short course in Ayurvedic Massage as I believe these practices complement Acupuncture and the connection with energetic and intuitive medicine.


My interests include mental and emotional health; Women’s health; children’s health; digestive health; fertility and hormonal imbalances; and pain relief. I believe that the wellness and health of the whole body needs to be considered as I am a mind, body and spirit practitioner and take each aspect of the whole into consideration. I am a dedicated practitioner that treats the root of disease rather than only providing symptomatic relief."

Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture differs from an individual appointment in the fact that consultations and treatments are done in a group setting rather than in one-on-one settings. The ethos behind ‘community’ acupuncture is that by seeing more people in a group setting, the cost of an acupuncture consultation can be significantly decreased and therefore more viable for the whole community. It also creates a social healing space for those to connect through their time at community acupuncture or to just relax and enjoy the treatment in a quiet but more open space. 


These 45-minute sessions allow a maximum of 4 people to be in the same room together getting treated simultaneously. We have two options for you to receive treatment in these sessions



Just show up and take a number. These sessions are operated on a first come first serve basis with a maximum wait time of 30 minutes. 


Pre-book to reserve your spot:

If you would like to secure your spot in one of our Community Acupuncture sessions, you will have to pre-book and pre-pay. Bookings are limited to a certain number of people per session. Simply email or call us to reserve a 45-minute session during our CA scheduled hours. 


Costs for the community acupuncture sessions are based off of the following:


New Client $45: This is a first time charge if you have never been to see our acupuncturist, either privately or in a community setting, before. If you would like to secure a specific day/time for this visit, please contact us at info@nsyfc.com.au to ensure the right time is available for you.


PRE-BOOKING Return Client $35: Reserve a 45-minute treatment within our CA sessions by pre-booking and pre-paying. No waiting around! Just book in advance by emailing or calling us and then pay using the link we provide you with and we'll reserve your spot. In order to secure a specific day/time for this visit, please contact us at info@nsyfc.com.auto ensure the right time is available for you.


WALK-IN Return Client $25-$35: This is a sliding scale (and one of the beautiful things about community acupuncture) for the group sessions. This pricing structure gives you the freedom to chose how much you would like to pay depending on what your financial situation is like at any given moment. It also allows you to control the way you chose to convey your appreciation for your experience and the knowledge of our acupuncturist. 


Community Acupuncture occurs on the following days and times and can be viewed within our schedule on the 'Timetable' page:


Tuesdays: 7-9:15pm (7 treatments available)

Fridays: 6-9am (10 treatments available)


A few tips:

  • If you are a new patient please be sure to arrive 10 minutes ahead of time to fill out some personal information forms. 

  • Wear loose, comfortable clothing for your treatment

  • Make sure to hydrate before and after your treatment

  • Use the toilet prior to your treatment starting so you feel comfortable during the session

  • All mobile phones need to be switched off during your session

  • Our practitioner Sally has a limited time to chat with each person so please don't take offence if the conversational aspect of your appointment is cut short. If you are looking for more time to chat to Sally then we recommend booking in for a Private Appointment

Private Appointments
We have two appointments available for this service.

Initial Consultation $125: This initial consultation will run for 75-90 minutes. As this is your first consultation, this time allows for a full body evaluation to learn how the body, meridians, organs, Qi and Blood are functioning in relation to each other and the whole. The main diagnosis is made from these observations in the initial consultation but as the body comes into more harmony the diagnosis changes throughout your healing journey. A treatment plan is created in response to your healing goals and what the practitioner thinks is best for your condition.


Return Appointment $90: This appointment runs for 60 mins which allows us time to re-consult about the presenting sign and symptoms, and the changes that may have occurred since the last treatment. Return treatments are imperative for the ongoing management of disharmonious sign and symptoms and supporting you in your treatment plan. As acupuncture is a slower healing process, it is also more permanent as changes are incremental in the procession towards achieving balance. Normally return consultations are booked each week, but this depends on your individual lifestyle and treatment plan.


Sally can be booked for private appointments on:

Thursdays: 7am-8pm


For any questions acupuncture related please contact Sally directly at acupuncture@nsyfc.com.au or call her on 0400 962 778

Child-minding & unsupervised play

Meet and greet our childminder: We have our childminder at the centre every Tuesday from 3:45pm to 4pm to meet and greet you and your little one(s). We want to give you the time you need to get comfortable with our space and our childminder.

As a parent/caretaker of children, we know it is super important to get your ‘me time’ in. Not only does it allow you some time to focus solely on yourself, but it actually improves your energy reserves to take care of your little one(s). That is why we offer child-minding services.


Our 'Unsupervised Play' is available to those over the age of 5. It is perfect for those kids who are comfortable being left on their own in the Childminding room without needing any supervision while you do your class. This can be used for all of our classes with the exceptions being our 'Childminding' session for the 4pm Tuesday class and our 'Child-Friendly' session for the Wednesday 4pm class . The cost for this service will be a cash donation based on a sliding scale of $1-$5 which is payable upon arrival.


The Tuesday 4pm session is for kids of any age to be taken care of by our childminder. Bring your child as early as 3:45pm, practice your class, take a relaxing shower and retrieve them as late as 5:15pm. All of our childminders hold their First Aid/CPR and Bluecard. They have each been carefully chosen to give the best care and consideration with the kids they are minding. All spots must be pre-booked and pre-paid for. Bookings can be made up to 3pm on the day of the session and cancellations will be accepted if made by 9am the day of the session. 

Single Session - $10

5 Sessions - $42.50
(expires over 9 months, can be used between multiple children of the same family)

5 Sessions - $35
(never expires, automatically renews when the 5 sessions are used up, can be shared between multiple children of the same family)

Once you've purchased one of the three options for childminding, please email us at info@nsyfc.com.au 
with the full names and birthdates of your child(ren) who you plan on booking in.

A few things to remember if you’re taking advantage of this awesome service we have.

  • Snacks and drinks are allowed, so pack what you would like for your little one’s hunger to be satisfied. If there are any serious allergies, please let us know immediately.

  • If in the event you need to cancel your child-minding appointment, and the cancellation is made before 9am the morning of, then a full credit for the session will be put back onto your account to use at another time. If the cancellation is made after the 9am the morning of the child-minding session, there will be no return given.

  • Bookings can be made up until 3pm the day of the class



If you are finding you have unanswered questions about your yoga practice, things have started to plateau or you keep coming up against the same ache or pain, a private yoga lesson would be just the thing you need. As a general rule, we highly recommend doing between 1 and 5 private yoga lessons per every year of practice. This is such a great way to enhance your understanding of the technical aspects of postures, work on breathing techniques and address anything else that might be coming up for you as your body shifts and transforms with your practice. The quality of your movement and approach is an integral part of the therapy you receive from your yoga practice and can make a huge difference in either propelling you forward or trying to determine what's holding you back. All private yoga lessons can be booked with Jenelle for a 60 minute time frame.


1 or 2 Private Yoga Lessons $120 each

3+ Private Yoga Lessons $100 each

To book a time that's suitable for you, please email info@nsyfc.com.au

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