Jenelle Leat 

Owner/Professional Yoga Practitioner/Mama


Fun facts: 

NSYFC was originally going to be called 'The Well. But after buying the domain and registering my business name, I took too long to actually set up shop and by then the name had been taken by a yoga & fitness establishment in Bondi Beach


I was born with an extra finger.


One of my favourite snacks is a big ol' chunk of salty, grass-fed butter with a piece of organic cheddar and nitrate free ham.


I used to believe that doing anything BUT yoga was bad for you, talk about a brainwash!


Community Garden Grower/Dad


Fun facts: 

I love to learn new and strange things - juggling, riding a unicycle, sewing and making clothes - and then quit when I get really good at them.


I have dyslexia, don't worry it's not contagious.


After listening to Jenelle complain so much about not knowing which direction she wanted to take with her yoga teaching, I was finally able to convince her to open up a centre just so she would stop talking about it and let me go to sleep at night. 

I love a good chat, so hit me up for some great conversation the next time you're at the centre...once I start, I can't stop.

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0424 621 924

Monday-Friday 6am-7pm

121b bulcock street, caloundra

For a full list of classes, please refer to our timetable


Jenelle as a yoga instructor has an unsurpassed level of expertise in critical aspects of human movement and posture technique.  Perhaps more importantly, is her ability to impart this expertise to her class in a succinct yet clearly understood manner. She enlivens her classes with touches of humour, but always with the central purpose of encouraging yogis to realise their full potential in both the physical and mental aspects of yoga.

—  Neil S, Brisbane

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121B Bulcock Street

Caloundra QLD 4551

Tel: 0424 621 924

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