Jenelle Leat 

Owner/Yoga Practitioner/Mama


The problem with the way we typically approach yoga centres very heavily around a ‘one size fits all’ method. This leaves little to no credit given for the benefits received from executing a posture in a way that is unique to each individual person

I provide students with a shift in their perspective so they see value in the capacity of their efforts. I guide them towards trusting their intuition using thorough guidance and communicative instructions

As a result, all students will feel empowered to express their practice in an individual way without feeling the need to conform or ‘fit in’.

Fun facts: 

NSYFC was originally going to be called 'The Well. But after buying the domain and registering my business name, I took too long to actually set up shop and by then the name had been taken by a yoga & fitness establishment in Bondi Beach


I was born with an extra finger.


One of my favourite snacks is a big ol' chunk of salty, grass-fed butter with a piece of organic cheddar and nitrate free ham.


I used to believe that doing anything BUT yoga was bad for you, talk about a brainwash!

christine mcdaniel 

Yoga Practitioner/Zenthai Shiatsu Therapist/Art Enthusiast 


There's a problem in the way students force instead of feel their way into a yoga pose. They disconnect from the signals that their body is communicating and therefore won't receive the full benefits that a yoga practice has to offer.

I provide students with the ability to sense overlooked subtleties to turn inwards, practice deep listening and honour the messages that the body gives. 

As a result, students can recognize and honour the edge where they feel mentally and physically challenged while still finding balance and ease.


Fun facts: 

I’m an avid music collector covering a wide range of genres. Some of my favorites include 1960’s folk, industrial metal, African blues, and grunge.


I’m a hunter-gatherer of exotic fruit. I used to live in Thailand across the street from a late night fruit market and I was in mangosteen heaven!


My university degree consists of a minor in American Sign Language.


My very first introduction to yoga was a semester class I enrolled in at art school. I had absolutely no interest in the practice! I just needed a few more credits to graduate and took yoga as a blow off class. I emailed my teacher years later to say, “thank you,” as he inspired me to continue on this path. 

baillie dick 

Yoga Teacher/Foodie/Disability Support Worker


We often excessively compare and judge ourselves within our yoga practice. Instead of feeling the infinite benefits that come from every single practice, we are often left disappointed.


I provide students with the tools to be fully present to the benefits of their practice by creating a safe and nurturing environment. I do this with a focus on breath and awareness of sensations. 

As a result of being present and not in comparison, all students realise the benefits of their practiec and leave feeling better than when they arrived. 


Fun facts: 

I was born in Napier, NZ but have grown up on the coast. 

I am addicted to cacao and have AT LEAST 2 cacao drinks every day!

My first teacher training was in the style of Ashtanga, but I am now much more interested in the restorative styles.

I am studying kinesiology. This healing modality of speaking to the subconscious draws me in as I have had such great experiences with it myself. 

becky murray 

Yoga Teacher/Personal Trainer


The problem with the way we perceive our progression, is often based on a purely physical point of view. This can lead to disempowering self-talk and a discouraged mindset.


In my classes, I encourage self-acceptance by inviting students to build a more intuitive connection between the physical and mental bodies.


As a result of this, all students feel encouraged to see the value in their experience, each time they arrive on the mat.


Fun facts: 

I brought my Labrador baby al the way here from the UK. She is my best friend and reminds me every single day to be playful, silly and grin from ear to ear!

I love the adrenalin you get from moving your body! I've competed in 2x ultra marathons and thank yoga as well as weightlifting for getting me through.

I first came to yoga purely for physical benefits. When I realised there is so much more than just moving, I got hooked and now I couldn't live without it!

Every morning that I can, I go to the beach to watch the sunrise and I feel the biggest warmth fill my entire being, it's my happy place. 

kelly-anne sonner 

Yoga Teacher/Beach Lover


It's common for many of us to be constantly seeking answers outside of ourselves, rather than looking within.

In my classes, I like to provide a nourishing space with an emphasis on breath awareness, allowing students to anchor into the present moment and have a clearer sense of self. 

By looking within, all students reconnect to their innate wisdom, inner beauty and limitless potential. 


Fun facts: 

I love dancing! I do burlesque classes and love expressing my playful and feminine side.

I am obsessed/addicted to Maple & Sage doughnuts!

I am currently studying kinesiology and education support.

My favourite yoga poses are wheel, camel and deer with a bolster.

chelsea weir

Yoga Teacher/Dog Lover/Adventurer 


It is common in a yoga class, to surrender our responsibility to care for ourselves and therefore disconnect from the best way to nourish our bodies. 

I give students back their power of self care and help them reconnect to their intuition by guiding them through an accessible practice, using relatable instructions so they have the choice to practice in a more dynamic or restorative way.

As a result, students begin to feel more confident and empowered to listen to their bodies to develop an intuitive practice and strengthen their relationship with themselves.


Fun facts: 

I have travelled to 45 countries and have had amazing experiences like volunteering in Kenya and teaching Yoga in Sri Lanka.


I love to go camping on the beach, my favourite spot is Double Island Point because we can sit around a camp fire and surf.


I first came to Yoga through my struggle with chronic pain as it was a gentle way to move and reconnect with my body.


I am currently building a tiny house with my partner and enjoying exploring the creativity it calls for. 

contact us 

0424 621 924

Monday-Friday 6am-7pm

121b bulcock street, caloundra

For a full list of classes, please refer to our timetable. 


Jenelle as a yoga instructor has an unsurpassed level of expertise in critical aspects of human movement and posture technique.  Perhaps more importantly, is her ability to impart this expertise to her class in a succinct yet clearly understood manner. She enlivens her classes with touches of humour, but always with the central purpose of encouraging yogis to realise their full potential in both the physical and mental aspects of yoga.

—  Neil S, Brisbane