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Class Descriptions

The Formula

The common approach to yoga has become problematic due to the false idea that we must experience intense stretching and pain sensations in order to become ‘better’ at yoga. This often ends in injury and creates a lot of unnecessary stress on the nervous system.

Our signature yoga style, ‘The Formula’, immediately helps you develop methods for a more effective stretch that involves less stress, strain and force while building up a sustainable practice over the long-run.

Using both flowing movements and stronger holds of yoga postures, you’ll actively engage opposing muscle groups to invite the body to open, release and become agile over time. This class addresses both functional strength, sustainable flexibility and awareness of breath to create an intelligent approach you can use for all of your yoga classes.

This class requires attention to detail, technical awareness, quality of movement and a subtle intensity that will leave both new and experienced students alike feeling challenged at just the simplest things.



Our ability to move about our daily lives with ease, freedom and creativity - like a child - diminishes significantly as we age because we become so accustomed to our modern ‘adult’ lifestyle where everything is right in front of our faces.


The flowing practice of ‘Vinyasa’ yoga immediately brings you out of stagnation and into a gradual sense of ‘movement freedom’, therefore therapeutically reconnecting you with your ability to create child-like fluidity once again.


You can expect both long and short holds of yoga postures, using both fast and slow transitions that creatively flow from one thing into the next. Improve your breathing synchronicity with cued inhales and exhales to build up your strength, stamina and flexibility.


This is a dynamic class which often emphasizes a more intense side of yoga and is most suitable for those without any troublesome wrist or shoulder injuries.



In our overstimulating modern world, we are often unable to switch off and relax because we are operating under the belief that always being busy means being productive and purposeful.

With the slow practice of ‘Yin’ yoga you’ll immediately experience an inward shift of stillness and self-reflection while gradually bringing balance back into your busy life.

This slow class is done in a very quiet space where you can expect to use a variety of supportive props, encouraging the body release tension through long holds of floor postures designed to deeply release the muscles and connective tissue.

Perfect for anyone who is looking to slow down and recharge, this class offers a wide variety of modifications for all levels of experience.




Interactive Yoga Workshop

It is common to come up against the same obstacles in your yoga practice over and over again. These recurring challenges can often lead to injury or disinterest if they aren't thoroughly investigated. 


This interactive workshop provides dissection, exploration and a deep study that cannot be achieved through a regular class. As a result, your everyday yoga practice will immediately become more intuitive while building long-term growth and awareness of yourself.

You'll explore greater layers of depth in specific movements or postures in addition to finding alternative modifications to increase the therapeutic benefits available. Ask questions, get feedback and go deep with your postures/movements as they are observed by the teacher. 


This all-levels workshop is limited to 10 people so be sure to reserve yourself a spot in advance. The style of this all-levels class will vary from week to week depending on the topic. The topic for each week will be announced every Monday on our social media profiles.

Gentle Vinyasa

Sometimes, the dynamics and intensity of a typical Vinyasa yoga class can leave us feeling rushed, disconnected from our form and even hesitant of our abilities to successfully execute the postures and movements we are being taught.


‘Gentle Vinyasa’ yoga provides a slow, flow of movements and postures which immediately helps you to feel confident in your abilities. In the long-run you’ll notice significant improvements in your potential to move more dynamically with pace while maintaining proper technique.


This class features very gentle, accessible transitions from one thing to the next and you can expect long, steady holds of basic yoga postures. Improve your breathing synchronicity with cued inhales and exhales to build up your strength, flexibility and concentration.


Although this class is perfect as an ‘intro’ to Vinyasa yoga for new students, it definitely has its own level of intensity and can benefit varying degrees of abilities and experience.




Strength Foundations

Most of us struggle to see improvement in ‘strength’ based yoga postures because we don’t spend enough time building up the correct muscle groups.


By practicing this ‘Strength Foundations’ yoga class, you’ll notice an immediate gain of confidence in addition to a steady build-up of strength needed to catapult your practice to a new level.


You can expect to work on repetitive movements that are layered with various elements to strengthen the upper, middle and lower body that imitate and directly mirror the yoga postures that you regularly practice.


This all-levels class will focus more on the ‘fitness’ side of yoga by incorporating some props/equipment, low weights and body weight. You can easily modify the level of intensity by going at your own pace and exploring alternative options.




A lot of us experience daily pain, discomfort and limited range of motion because we are often unaware of where we hold tension in our body and resistance in our mind.


Practicing our ‘MinYin’ yoga class gives you an immediate sense of relaxation and softening while you continuously develop the tools to consciously unwind yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.


Using a variety of supportive props for long holds of floor postures, you’ll release tension by first noticing all sensations and then consciously relaxing completely. Expect to be taken through a guided meditation practice incorporating awareness of your tension, habits and patterns.


This relaxing practice is suited for everyone regardless of your ability to concentrate or keep your mind clear. Giving yourself time and space to be still is a necessary component to any path of yoga and mindfulness.


Full-Body Fit

Our modern day lifestyle doesn’t require our bodies to be as strong and energetic as they were in the past. As a result, we aren’t operating at our optimal health.


Full-Body Fit enhances your personal capacity for strength and endurance; in turn increasing your overall health. You’ll instantly notice uplifted mood and energy levels while steadily gaining muscle tone, functionality and elevated cardiovascular health.


This low-impact class delivers a full body sculpt combining movements that challenge both individual and groups of muscle. You’ll prioritise ‘quality’ over ‘quantity’, using bodyweight, repetitive movements and longer holds. 


This class will feature options for various levels of fitness making it accessible for all. Weekly attendance to this class will prove to be the most beneficial. Expect to get sweaty, be challenged and have fun building yourself up!

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